Carlos Guevara V.

“Drifting, the eye wanders, enjoying every element that the landscape offers, getting excited, marveling…

Getting goosebumps when you are there, moving forward, enjoying the exhaustion … this pleasant feeling of being tired, little by little becoming one with the landscape, being you, enjoying like a child… only this way we are able to express emotions through a picture.” [Carlos Guevara V.]


carlos guevara vivanco
Since I was a little boy I felt a strong desire to convey emotions by pictures; the ones I felt when I was outside, surrounded by nature. Born in San Fernando in central Chile as the oldest of four brothers, I inherited from my father the love for nature and the pleasure to enjoy simple things from my mother. I studied at the “Instituto San Francisco de los Hermanos Maristas”, I graduated as a Civil engineer in Computer Science from the University of Chile, obtained an MBA mention in finance at the same University. I got married with Ximena and we had 2 children, (Felipe and Valentina), I got divorced and got married again, with Ingrid. She’s not only my wife, but also my partner, my mate for adventures and for dreams. Besides my children I got 2 non-biological children (Vicente and Rocío).
I followed my professional career and I am currently in charge of a technical team in an important Chilean company. Meanwhile I developed a very inspiring career as a university lecturer for nearly 30 years. I have done different things in life, all with a maximum of effort and compassion. But there is nothing better than being outside and feeling the air. I’m born to be a Mountaineer and I started exploring the Andes since I was 12 years old. I love to travel and I am passionate about simple things in life. During 2011 I was able to give some guidance to my passion for photography through constant learning and studying. Currently I am a student of the “New York Institute of Photography (NYIP)”.

I am working as a Photographer Guide for Natphoto since 2013 and where I am responsible for Mountain Photography.
For years I am dreaming about to be able to develop my skills of photographing. And still today, I feel that there is a long and never-ending road to go, because you never stop learning in order to get better. If you feel a passion about something, its impossible to stop. That’s photography – playing an important role in my life, a passion that I never want to miss.
It’s very important to give a meaning and what I want to express through my photographs. There is nothing worse than just to take pictures…. which would be just an action, empty, without any message. There is a saying, you need 10.000 hours of practice during 10 years to be professional at something… so I am quiet far away, but I already started.

Warm regards

“Taking of photograph of a landscape is not only taking a picture of its beauty, taking a pictures shows our inner beauty, it shows who we are and what we want to express through natur…” [Carlos Guevara V.]